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It is our mission to provide top quality eye care services to every patient as efficiently as possible. Your eyes sight is important to us. We understand the struggles impaired vision can present so we are proud to provide same day or next day appointments for your convenience.
Your eyes are your windows to the world. Take good care of them with the help of the doctors and staff at the Eye Institute of NC PC.  Dr. Christine Lee is here to ensure you get the best vision care in Durham, NC through procedures such as laser vision correction, laser eye surgery, LASIK procedures, cataract surgery and more. Our services extend to those living in the Triangle area, including Raleigh, NC and Chapel Hill, NC, as we strive to serve patients in a personalized, individual approach to achieve the highest quality eye care. 

In addition to routine vision care, Eye Institute of NC PC offers LASIK procedure, laser eye surgery, laser vision correction, cataract operation with lens implants, glaucoma surgery,  diabetic eye care, a full service optical shop and more.

Our doctors are experienced and extensively trained to take you through the entire process. Our eye doctors are world renowned proudly treating patients from Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding communities! Contact us today for more information!
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The team at the Eye Institute of NC PC understands that the prospect of any surgery, especially eye surgery, is a staggering thought. Cataract surgery is one of our specialties and is a minor eye surgery, but a necessary one. Cataract eye surgery is performed when the inner lens of your eye becomes cloudy and needs to be removed and replaced with an artificial lens so you are able to see clearly again. Our cataract surgeon is professionally trained and trusted to perform cataract operations.

Several of the eye surgeries we perform are done on an outpatient basis and cataract eye surgery is no different. If you have questions about the cataract operation or any of our other laser eye surgery options, such as, laser vision correction and the Lasik procedure give us a call today!

Lasik Procedure, Custom Lasik and Laser Vision Correction Surgery

To correct issues associated with nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism the Lasik procedure is a surgery that can help you! We specialize in providing premier custom Lasik, laser vision correction and laser eye surgery to residents throughout Durham, NC, Raleigh, NC, Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding areas.  
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Lasik Procedure Durham, NC
If you’ve been searching for a quick, easy, and painless way to correct your vision, LASIK eye surgery, laser vision correction or custom Lasik may be for you! We offer free consultations to determine your candidacy.
Cataract Surgeon Chapel Hill, NC
Cloudy and blurry vision isn’t only annoying, it can become dangerous while driving or walking on a busy street. Our Our cataract surgeons’ are experts at performing cataract operations.
Eye Conditions Raleigh, NC
If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a new eye condition, such as glaucoma and cataracts, learn more about the treatments. If you’re unsure, we have signs and symptoms listed for your education.

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