Need Contacts? You've Come to the Right Place!

When it comes to contact lenses, there is not just one size that fits all. It is important to have the right measurements so that your contact lens does not damage or create discomfort for your eye. 

Dr. Canterbury is the optometrist that you will be seeing to get your custom contact lenses. Through her training, expertise and education she can identify the right type of lenses for your eyes. 

We offer the latest technology in multifocals, hard contact lenses, daily disposables, soft lenses and more. We will provide you with contact lens training whether you are a first-time user or have had many contacts for a long-time. 

Finding the Right Measurements for your Contact Lenses

To get the right contact lenses that are safe for your eyes we will perform various measurements for your eyes. 
  • Cornea Measurements 
  • Pupil and Iris Measurements
  • Tear Film Evaluation
  • Eye Surface Evaluation 
For more information, or to schedule your appointment, contact us today.
**Please let us know when scheduling if you would like your contact lens fittings done during your eye exam.
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